Kasper Tontti

The tagline says it all. I am a cozy code junkie with a bucket full of bad humour and technical skill. I am a very enthusiastic, and motivated learner and I am in love with gaining new knowledge everyday - especially about technology. When I'm not coding, working or studying (which all mean coding to me), I like to drink tea, read books and watch TV-series/Movies. Now let's see what I can really do.


I may not have a bunch of working experience, but I'm still motivated and hungry to start my career as a web/software developer!


My own couch
2016 - Present

I've been working as a digital marketer alongside my studies for a year now. My company Seoste provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing (SEM) solutions for growth-hungry companies. After I started my entrepreneurial life I've been pushing myself to do different kinds of projects of which many are still active. Working as an entrepreneur, I have gained a wide spectrum of skills for business life - this is one of the best decisions of my life.


Academic path
2012 - present

I have been a part of many different projects as a University student from games to app developement. For example, I made a dictionary app with Java as a course assignment. At the moment I have an interesting open data -project going on. The aim of this project is to visualize refugee flows in a web app. Projects I have been involved with have taught me valuable skills about software process, project management and working as a part of a group


BSc Computer Science

University of Jyväskylä
2015 - present
I have about a year of my studies left till I get my Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science. After that I want to take some time to work on the field, to get a feeling of what I want to specialize on my Master's Degree.

Technology Line Diploma

Salpaus High School
2012 - 2015
In addition to my high school studies I have completed over ten courses on programming with excellent success and diplomas.

High School

Salpaus High School
2012 - 2015
My studies at Salpaus included an added amount of programming courses. Immediately after high school I started my Bachelor's Degree on Computer Science at University of Jyväskylä.

Professional Skills


Advanced, 3 years
The web is constantly growing so why not learn web developement? I am passionate to learn new web technologies everyday. Currently I'm training my skills on Javascript frameworks, especially React.


Advanced, 4 years
When I started coding the very first programming language I picked up was Java. Now, I'm greatful that I did, because it's one of the biggest and most used programming language there is.

Android & iOS

Medicore, 1 year
As a part of my studies I have practiced app developement on Android and iOS. I'd like to learn more about these technics alongside with Javascript and it's frameworks.

Other Useful Skills

Webpack Gulp Git Trello Project Management


Get in Touch

I'm currently looking for software and web developer jobs. I'm always interested in new projects and collaborating with others. It's easy to connect with me, just write me an email or call me straight away!

Connect with me onPing me at kasper@seoste.com or ring it +358 44 259 4110